September 16, 2013
23 Reasons Everyone Needs To Stop Getting Married

September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013
Here we go

So the last time I had a blog was when I was in high school… and that was a requirement for civics so we’ll see how it all works out. And since I’m not telling friends/family or putting super duper identifying details on here it’ll be interesting to see how this works.

I’m 23ish and recently moved to DC from the middle of nowhere New England. I work for a nonprofit (like most of my graduating class my choice was to “save the world” via this as opposed to conquering it on Wall Street or in a law firm. 

A year ago my life was on track and everything was happening the way it was supposed to…. 9 months ago that all fell apart…. as of May I’ve been getting it back on track but something tells me fixing this mess is going to take 3 times longer than it’s creation (most of which wasn’t my fault).

My mom claims the last 9 months are good feeder information for a novel I’m writing someday… I think it’s just a good reason to buy stock in a liquor corporation- and maybe Ben & Jerry’s.

This is an intro at least for now… I’ll be back soon… potentially with tragic depressing tales from the last year… or hilarious antics as I learn how to navigate city living and the fact that half the people in this city are convinced it’s the South. Now while I am ready to admit they don’t have real weather or seasons I’m not completely convinced it’s actually the south. We’ll get back to that this winter…And more realistically it will have lots of West Wing qoutes, pictures of good looking men and pretty clothing. 

In the meantime… thanks for reading… or if it never gets read thanks to the internet for giving me an option that is a little more secure than a paper and pen.

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